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Philips, one of the biggest and most important technological companies throughout the world, has entrusted DeuSens and its official distributor for Digital Signage business line, TECCO -leaders in the distribution of Digital Signage solutions-, to implement its augmented reality solution: Alice. For that reason, this company has recently become in early adopter of the product.

In this way, Philips has become in a pioneering company spreading this new technology. This is one of the characteristics of this kind of visionary profiles, whom provides backing for innovative projects focus on solving current problems before they become massive in the market.


TECCO presented Alice during the last Integrated Systems Europe, the world’s largest exhibition for AV and systems integration. And did so with great success, drawing attention of big firms like Philips, among others.

Besides showing developments, TECCO used this augmented reality App to exhibit virtually on the physical space the different models in its catalogue. This new technology complemented the experience and achieved an exciting point of differentiation and attraction, which was not lost on the different users. Nor went it unnoticed by Philips.

Thanks to this event, this prestigious and technological benchmark multinational noticed this project. They saw it very interesting and with a high application in its digital signage catalogue.

This year Alice will come back to ISE 2019 with TECCO. This new edition will be the largest so far and it will attract over 1,300 exhibitors and 80,000 attendees. In addition to that fact, ISE 2019 will showcase a set of special events, keynote speeches, conferences, networking receptions, education and training programs and show floor features. This represents a major opportunity to make closer Alice to companies acting worldwide.


In a display of confidence for Alice, last summer Philips contracted licenses at European level to use this innovative technology in commercial trade. In this way, Alice App and its self-management platform provide an innovative and differentiation point in its working and marketing, selling and distributing processes.

It is expected to be the first of many projects to jointly develop with this prestigious and technological benchmark multinational.

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